Bar Charts Creating

New in 3.0

New in 2.0

New in 1.2

The basic benefits

User guide



New in 3.0

- Display charts in 3D

- set default values for: bar outline color and width , leader line color and width
sample v3

New in 2.0

- create charts over "old" charts

- select bar chart symbol(s) by context menu

- remove labels for selected charts


New in 1.2

- Support negatives values

- Support NULL separately from "min-value"

- Directly draw barcharts markers. No problem with error "Too many fields" now.

- Unfortunately not support standard layer property dialog for additional customizing charts properties


The basic benefits

-                      Creating the charts which are not overlap a marker of a point theme.

-                      Set distance from a marker to chart

-                      Labeling the charts

-                      Setting of the minimal and maximal values

-                      Updating of charts on the old places

-                      Saving a legend and parameters of creation

-                      Save/load annotation layer to/from file.


User guide

The charts are created on the annotation layer with name <LayerName_charts> for all or selected features

OptionButton"New" delete annotation layer and create new charts.

OptionButton "Recreate" refresh old charts. Old charts and New charts are related on the Key-field, which was selected.

The created chart is a group of elements: chart, labels and break-line (if necessary). There are data (the key, the names and values of the fields) associated with chart element.
From version 1.2 negative values in the fields are support.


1-     Calculating of min and max values for selected fields. At the charts creating all values less then minValue or NULL are rounded to MinValue, all values more than maxValue are rounded to MaxValue and the break-line is drawing (zig-zag). Basic data in the table are not changed. It is possible to set the height of the smallest bar in millimeters in current map scale. (This value is related on maxValue, chart size and map ReferenceScale). The minValue is changed. On the other hand it is possible lock the scale for minValue, then the chart size will changed

2-     Loading legend from *.lyr or *.leg files.

3-     When you load legend it is possible to set relation between selected fields and legend fields. Auto mapping is set relation for fields like CurrentLayer.Field1 Legend.Field1


4-     Save legend to *.lyr file after creating the charts.

5-     Random color

6-     Hide form. If youve loaded new map, close the program ([x ]-button on the upper right corner of the window) and start it again, otherwise (layers was changed) select button refresh near Layers combobox.(number 8)

7- Select bar chart symbol(s) by context menu

8 - See number 6 :)


9-10     Chart placement side or corner for rectangle markers(or marker envelope) , tangent for circle markers. Distance from the marker is in map units.
If you use the chart recreate - it is enable 2 options:
old placement - create new chart on the old place (old chart will be delete)
over old chart - if you want save old charts and show the process dynamics. Befor you need to rename annotation layer with "old" charts.

11-     Label and chart properties

-                      Do not label bars with values less then selected

-                      Number of signs in label. Example for n= 3:

a.      0,158 > 0.2

b.     1.24 -> 1.2

c.      10.8 -> 11

d.     12558.89 -> 12559

-                      Bar width, Bar default outline width, chart size




12-     Change language

13- Identity the chart element (key and fields values). Select charts on the map and then press button. Select charts with GraphicsManagerTool from this site (use group element type)

14- Remove labels for selected charts. If you create one chart over another this function is useful

15- Save/load annotation layer to/from file.

16- Save legend to file (*.leg). Select ONLY ONE chart on the map and press button. Load legend on the main page. It is useful if you forgot to save legend to .lyr file.

17- Save/load creation parameters (except legend)


Your ideas and comments will be very much appreciated!



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