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Tiles on-line v1.0

The first product from WebBridge series for operation with Internet tiles maps in the environment of ArcGIS. The program allows to connect directly in project ArcMap the raster layer linked to one of Internet services, to display depending on scale appropriate level of an Internet map. The program does not demand usage ArcGIS Server/ImageServer or access to Virtual Earth through ESRI Web service. (Matching look more low). Loaded the computer tiles are saved in a cache on a local drive that allows to lower the traffic and to increase speed of operation. In a word, the module allows to work in the environment of ArcMap as in Google, only with an unlimited set of layers of Internet maps. It is realized in the form of the command for ArcMap, with an open format of connection of layers. Is offered in the form of an install package with the instruction, the detailed description of connection of any internet tile map-services. The module customized on connection of layers of the most popular Internet tools Google, DigitalGlobe, OpenStreetMap, VirtualEart,Yandex, Kosmosnimki. Other can be connected on demand or independently.

ArcGis sample
Program Window
Create Mosaic
Demo version
Compare with VE

As it looks in ArcGIS

The custom layer (cities) is loaded over 2 internet maps (satellite & street map) layers.


The main program window:

The list of layers of Internet maps accessible to connection. The list can be enlarged or edited by the user, through the editor of customizations: about it see below;

- Slider of levels of map detail . As a rule, varies from 0 (all world, the top of slider), till 18-20 (level of "houses", the most detailed, a scroll below)

The switch discrete scale. The map scale (dataframe) can be changed freely, using regular ArcMap tools. However at scaling it is more convenient to scale maps according to discrete levels of detail. It allows to see always raster images in "focal point", that is in those scales in which they formed, without distortion because of fractional scaling. At first switch on this option sets up current scale of a map to nearest of discrete levels of detail

removed from current version The switch fix level allows to set operation with a mosaic only one level fixed at present for example, 15th. If to set this function - the map rescaling in ArcMap dataframe will not affect of the level of detail of an Internet layer will downloaded. At increase the common picture becomes, accordingly, more roughly, at reduction more small and distinguishes. So it is good idea to scale map near to detail level.






Additional function - create mosaic raster from tiles

Tab envelope

- select rectangle area on the map
- set map level for downloaded tiles
- on/off rectangle border on the map
- just download tiles. Mosaic will not created.





Tab raster

- select path to new raster or existing raster (if you want add selected region to raster)
- cobine selected region with existing raster (must exists and not be added to project)
- clip new raster by rectangle border
- add new raster to project (to TOC)




Menu Settings - the main program settings, see below;


Zoom to layer - zoom to min zoom level and to all map extent

Zoom to start position - if it set in ini-file

Pin Window - the program window always over the ArcMap window;

Hide window - Hide the program window. All switched on layers will download the tiles and refresh the layers;

Projection - set map coordinate system to one of the popular Internet map projection;

Edit ini-file - open the ini-file editor for change parameters of the map-services access,add new maps and so on;

About information of the module.


Requirements and installation.

the program was tested with ArcGIS 9.2 SP6 and ArcGIS 9.3 SP1. Without SP6 there are white lines appear around tiles borders.

After installation, the program is necessary for registering as usually in ArcGIS (menu Tools-Customize-AddFromFile)
Select TLB-file
will appear new toolbox (TilesOnLine toolbox) with the button and the new command in group MitrichTools



1. Check Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your computer
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1

2. Check .NET supportfor ArcGIS is on

if during installation you get error message (Unabel to get installer type) like this

From control panel start Install/uninstall programs, select ArcGIS press button Replace/Remove, double click.
in the window select Modify ->Next

Modify ArcGIS

If .NET support is OFF

unsupport .Net

Set .NET support ON (from install disk)

Support on

Demo version (english)
Please read preinstall information above befor download for ArcGIS v9.3.1 or for ArcGIS 10.0 (rus interface)

Difference from the full version - text "Demo version" over the layers



Ini-file is in the program installation directory. It is XML document with the following structure.

INI-file Editor

the form for edit XML document, add/edit layers and parameters

Compare EsriOnline & Tiles OnLine

First screen shot: Microsoft Virtual Earth access throw ESRI site (ArcGIS Server -based)
Second screen shot: layer directly from MS VE with Tiles OnLine access

from Esri



from TileonLine




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